29 June 2005

Cablevision launches 50 Mbps service in Long Island

Cablevision is all set to launch a 50 megabits/second service to its customers in Oyster Bay, New York. The company is using Narad Networks� Narad Broadband Access Network technology which can deliver upto 100 megabit/s speeds on HFC networks.

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06 June 2005


Originally uploaded by viola39.


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01 June 2005

Microsoft + IPTV = Trouble?

Is Microsoft's IPTV strategy falling apart? Bellsouth is rumored to be on the verge of dumping Microsoft from the IPTV set top boxes its testing out. Verizon and SBC are waiting on Microsoft so they can start offering tri-packages to customers combining TV, high-speed internet,& phone service into a single package,like cable already does.

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Google offers free £20 AdWords voucher

Google is offering a £20 voucher for AdWords to new customers. You must have a non-free email address to apply, and it seems that the offer is not restricted only to UK customers.

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Kill Bunny if Demands Not Met!

Amazingly, a guy with a bunny and recipes for rabbit stew is extorting money out of guillable rabbit lovers. How? Simple, if he doesn't receive $50 000 by June 30th, the rabbit gets it.

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60 Minutes: GOOGLE

Video of the feature from 60 Minutes regarding Google. An interesting viewing.

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Revision3 (Systm/thebroken) Announces CEO

Kevin Rose introduces you all to their new CEO, Mr. Jay Adelson. Jay has been a personal friend of Rose for some time now, and will be joining Revision3 Studios (Systm/thebroken holding company) as Chairman and CEO.

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Do you enjoy Systm, get more here!

HackerMedia is a news source for the hacking/phreaking/geek media scene. This site has a lot of good audio and video tech. programs to download. Discover and download audio and video productions as soon as they come out (including Systm, The Broken and a lot more). Updates once a week.

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FBI Windows Hack

"Okay, so I built a new computer for my sis with XP Pro. I got to use it the other day, only having it for 4 days, and a black box appeared that said FBI Internet Security. The guy was Agent Karr, and I was a suspect for credit card fraud. I noticed that the program was..."

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