26 October 2005

base.google.com finally online

Google has finally made the service available!

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12 October 2005

Sign Up Page For Google Wallet

The actual sign page for the much anticipated Google Payment Service has been discovered.

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10 October 2005

Google global wi-fi/satellite based Internet ?

Just when you thought Google couldn�t get any more jaw-dropping
with its latest explorations, you realize with a sudden and
exasperated "omigod" that this is bigger,much bigger than we
imagined. Google, NASA, and MIT are going to change the
world, again.

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09 October 2005

Java OS

There are some really cool things going on in this Java based OS. Makes you think about the whole google-sun alliance....

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04 October 2005

Google Office Live Webcast

Tuesday, October 4, 2005
10:30 a.m. PT/1:30 p.m. ET

Computer History Museum
Mountain View, CA

Please join Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems Chairman and CEO and Dr.
Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman of the Executive Committee and CEO as they
discuss a new collaborative effort between the two companies.

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03 October 2005

Next Up: Google Office as soon as Tuesday 10/4/05?

Google and Sun Microsystems will hold a press conference on Tuesday at which they're expected to announce a collaboration to bring StarOffice productivity applications to Google users.

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