23 January 2006

Jeff Pulver (Founder-Vonage) is at it again!

Tello Basic is targeted for individual business users who want a single, presence-aware interface for managing contacts using public IM networks and certain mobile devices. It is a free service that uses the Tello Desktop and Tello Mobile client applications to access the Tello Connect Service.

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18 January 2006

Google Maps NOW supports Nextel/T-Mobile Phones

While Goggle Maps has been around for awhile, They just started supporting Sprint/Nextel & T-mobile phones. Fire up your Blackberry and download a great app!

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13 January 2006

Using Skype? Be Afraid!!

Feel Skype is a resource hog? You're on the wrong track. Any node with a public IP address having sufficient CPU, memory, and network bandwidth is a candidate to become a super node.

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